How to use Telegram and our channels

What is Telegram and how do I install it?

Telegram is a messaging app where you can access our channels. You can download Telegram for any major platform (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS) or use the web version.

Signing up for Telegram

When you first open Telegram, you will need to set up an account. Your account is based on your phone number. Simply follow the steps on the screen to complete the registration. If you already have an account and are logged out, simply log in again with your phone number.

Accessing our Telegram channels

Free channel

After registering with Telegram, you can join our channels there. For example, you can subscribe to our free Telegram channel. Click the and your browser will redirect you to the Telegram application installed on your device. Then you can join our free channel.

Example of Telegram Channels

Paid channels

Paid channels are a part of our Pro Trader and InsiderWeek Trader subscriptions. There you will get more detailed information about trading.

After the purchase of one of our subscriptions you will have access to your paid, private channel (or channels, depending on your subscription). To join the channel you need to open our Telegram bot. Then you should start a chat with our bot. It checks the level of your subscription, depending on the e-mail that you have used when purchasing the subscription in MyIW, so write down the e-mail that you use to log into MyIW ( After doing that you will receive the link to the paid channel.

Conversation start with the bot

If you are a member of the Pro Trader subscription, you will receive one link. If you are a member of InsiderWeek Trader subscription or Coaching COT-1 Strategy/COT-2 Strategy by InsiderWeek, you will see two links.

Please note that the links cannot be reused, they are only clickable once. You are not allowed to share these links. If you have already entered the channel, you can find it later in the list of channels on the main screen of Telegram.


If the bot does not recognize your email, please check that it is written correctly and that it is used in MyIW ( with a paid subscription.

If you have problems with our bot or with accessing a paid channel, try writing a new message to the botas a first step. The bot will check your subscription again.

Example chat with the bot

If you should have access to the channels but cannot join, please send us a screenshot of your conversation with the bot and your Telegram nickname. You can find your nickname in the settings.

Just send an email to our support team (, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, to solve any questions or problems you encounter.