Profitable trading with COT data

Successfully trade futures and commodities as a part-time employee using a more conservative approach with COT-1 strategy.

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How it works


View the COT report over the weekend


Selecting markets using fundamental analysis


Analyze and trade the markets from your watchlist on the daily chart


Practice active position management


We focus on positioning major market participants

Choosing the right market is one of the most important things for us

We focus on clear and simple risk and money management

We only trade for 30 minutes in the evening, after the market closes

A proven successful approach to trading

Our leading expert Max Schultz has applied the COT strategy three times in the most famous competition for traders (Trading World Championship) at the oldest commodities exchange in Chicago.

Max Schulz awards on Trading World Championship

111 %

3rd place in the Trading World Championship 2017

156 %

3rd place in the Trading World Championship 2019

78,8 %

5th place in the Trading World Championship 2020

Philipp Kozalla awards on Trading World Championship

64,1 %

5th place in the Trading World Championship 2021/2022

Sounds familiar?

  • looking for new trends in the news?
  • the need to subscribe to the signal services of "experts"?
  • trading by instinct and without a certain plan?
  • dependent on the exchange market only?
  • not trading profitably and constantly be in the draw down?
  • depend on others in making your decisions?
  • not knowing if your coach is even successful?
  • having to check prices during working hours or during other activities?

What changes to expect after the course?

  • you become an expert of your own.
  • you recognize signals on your own.
  • you trade according to a clear strategy - from fundamental analysis to entry and exit the market.
  • you can trade independently and successfully during whatever market phase the stock market is in.
  • your performance curve does not show draw downs of more than 10%.
  • you will understand the correlations and background of the markets.
  • your coach shows his or her results transparently and had several wins at the World Trading Championships.
  • you need two hours on weekends and 20-30 minutes in the evening during the week to plan your deals.

You will learn everything you need to become a trading champion in our year-long COT-1 strategy coaching.

  • Serious approach

    We teach a strategy that has been proven to work in practice.

  • Profitable

    Using our strategy you’ll make money. It works, even for professionals.

  • Successful

    Our coaches are those profitable traders, using our strategy.

  • Motivated

    With our assistance and your motivation you will become a true professional in futures and commodities trading.

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Here is what you get from us


We'll have a face-to-face discussion with you at the beginning, middle and end.


You can share ideas with others in our Discord chat and Master-Mind webinars.


You'll receive regular feedback from us. And you can give us feedback at any time.

Indicator package

You receive indicators from us and have the right to use them for the rest of your life.

Plenty of practice

One month of theory and 12 months of practice during which you carry out historical tests, trading on demo account and using real money.


Twice a week we hold theory and practice webinars. Here you can ask your questions.


We give you a homework and feedback.


You will get your money back if you are not successful in trading.

How to know our strategy


In the first part of the coaching you learn the theory.

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Timing
  • Risk and money management
  • Historical tests


The second part of our coaching includes demo trading.

  • You learn and apply the strategy on a demo trading.
  • You become familiar with your broker's order platform.
  • You learn how to choose the right futures contract.
  • You learn how to record your trades with a trading log and how to keep statistics.


The third part of the coaching is dedicated to real money trading.

  • You learn how to choose the right market.
  • You learn how to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the markets.
  • You learn further entry techniques and strategy extensions.

We accompany you in coaching


Max is the founder of Insider Week and a professional futures and commodities trader. He has developed strategies with which he has reached the podium of the World Trading Championships 3 times.


Markus is your coach. He has shown a performance of 50% with low draw down, like Max in 2021.


Marcus is your coach and responsible for control over your homework.


Philip acts in the background and keeps everything running ;). He trades futures and options. He is currently taking part in the World Trading Championships. He is in 5th place with 66%.

Johannes Pieloth

Training program

I would like to thank the Insider Week team for the excellent training program.

The knowledge that is imparted here can be useful to everyone, from absolute beginners to professionals, and will help them to make money in the exchange market. Nothing is given to you for free. It's up to you and your discipline to invest time and energy in learning. You can get necessary assistance from the team at all times and all questions will be answered by email or in numerous webinars.

I'm happy and very satisfied.


COT Strategy

I have been with Insider-Week since 2020 and have done COT1 and WCC coaching. And I’m rather successful with COT2 strategy, in particular. I am currently an active member of the weather futures trading coaching.

I can definitely recommend InsiderWeek. Max and his team publish their results, which have been growing steadily since the beginning. The course content is easy to understand and the weekly coaching sessions are very practical. If you have any questions, the team will answer you immediately and are always very helpful. The community is also very helpful. You can always exchange ideas and share trading application codes or other experiences.

Mario Hübsch

COT Strategy

The experience with Insider Week has been consistently positive. The coaching is of a very high quality. The aim of the entire Insider Week team is to move the students forward. The student is very well coached on the way to becoming a commodity trader. If you are interested in COT data and commodity trading, you cannot miss the training at Insider Week.

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