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We will teach you how to perform swing trading futures and commodities. Our trading strategy is based on COT data.

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Risk management with Max Schulz

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February 16, 5:30 PM (UTC)
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  • Get to know InsiderWeek and our products
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Understand our trading strategy with COT data better
  • Get analysis and latest trading opportunities of the month
  • Learn how to diversify your portfolio with commodity trading

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COT 1 Strategy

Feb 07, 202315:54:44 UTC

Champion COT 2 Strategy

Feb 07, 202315:55:01 UTC


Feb 05, 202306:25:27 UTC

Weather trading

Feb 02, 202317:30:48 UTC

Understanding the COT report and COT data

COT Data for your FOREX Trading - How does it work?

Are you an experienced FOREX trader looking for additional information...

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Trading strategy
Crisis-proof ETF strategy - Surviving a Crash

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Trading psychology
3 Factors that determine your Professional Trading Mindset

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Trading Strategy
What are trading strategies? An overview of the 4 most common trading styles

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How the Indian monsoon can affect resources

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Trading Strategy
Gold Rush Friday – A simple yet effective strategy

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Trading Basics
US stock market trading hours: the 4 most important US futures exchanges

At InsiderWeek, we only trade US futures. You can find...

Trading Basics
Sentiment analysis — the 4th dimension of trading

Many traders only focus on the price when looking at the market...

Trading Strategy
What is Open Interest? With examples from futures trading

Are you wondering what open interest is and whether...

Commodities Markets Report. Week 3 2023

Models suggest La Nina will not weaken in Q1 and probably will fall into La Nada in summer...

Trading results
Our Futures Trading Results. Week 50 2022

Thursday, 12th of January, we will hold the webinar on the current trading opportunities and our 2023 plans...

COT Report Trading Strategy

This is one of our major strategies that allowed us to increase our trading capital from $ 14.000 to over $ 550.000 within just 6 years...

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Learn how to be a successful futures trader

Everything you need to generate extra income in addition to your job

Gain above-average returns and profit from the interest effect

Your income is too small to make a fortune? Insider Week showed how you can turn US$14,000 into a million in less than 8 years thanks to the compound interest effect. You can do it too.

Trading with a minimum amount of time

You don't have much time because you are a full-time employee. Day trading or scalping are not fit for you. With swing trading and our COT-based strategy you can schedule your trades on the weekend and just trade 15 minutes one day on the weekdays. This way you can successfully perform part-time trading without any stress.

Become an integral part of the community

By learning how to trade properly, you can exchange ideas and work together with like-minded people both offline and online. It will increase your trading success and is also a lot of fun.

Take regular and long term profits

Are you dissatisfied with your trading results? Do you lack accurate entry techniques and often find it difficult to handle drawdowns? Our profitable trading strategy has worked for 58 years. With this strategy, based on legitimate insider information, you can profit no matter which direction the market moves.

Make rational decisions

You trade too emotionally, acting instinctively. You have no rules or strategy to follow. Our approach to successful trading is based on clear rules. This ensures a systematic approach and disciplined strategy execution.

Use our free tools and charts

Follow the same tools and charts that our leading expert Max Schulz uses for your own success.

A proven approach to trading

Our leading expert Max Schulz has applied the COT strategy three times in the most famous competition for traders (World Cup Championship of Futures Trading) at the oldest commodities exchange in Chicago.

Max Schulz awards on Trading World Championship

111 %

3rd place in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading 2017

156 %

3rd place in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading 2019

78.8 %

5th place in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading 2020

Philipp Kozalla awards on Trading World Championship

64.1 %

5th place in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading 2021/2022

InsiderWeek is Reported On:

We highly value success and transparency.

That is why we have been publishing our trading plans and trading results for five years. We are successful because we constantly strive to do our best.

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Johannes Pieloth

I would like to thank the Insider Week team for the excellent training program.

The knowledge that is imparted here can be useful to everyone, from absolute beginners to professionals, and will help them to make money in the exchange market. Nothing is given to you for free. It's up to you and your discipline to invest time and energy in learning. You can get necessary assistance from the team at all times and all questions will be answered by email or in numerous webinars.

I'm happy and very satisfied.


I have been with Insider-Week since 2020 and have done COT1 and WCC coaching. And I’m rather successful with COT2 strategy, in particular. I am currently an active member of the weather futures trading coaching.

I can definitely recommend InsiderWeek. Max and his team publish their results, which have been growing steadily since the beginning. The course content is easy to understand and the weekly coaching sessions are very practical. If you have any questions, the team will answer you immediately and are always very helpful. The community is also very helpful. You can always exchange ideas and share trading application codes or other experiences.

Mario Hübsch

The experience with Insider Week has been consistently positive. The coaching is of a very high quality. The aim of the entire Insider Week team is to move the students forward. The student is very well coached on the way to becoming a commodity trader. If you are interested in COT data and commodity trading, you cannot miss the training at Insider Week.

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