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Beginner Trader

Start your career as a trader and learn the fundamentals of commodity futures trading.

The Beginner Trader subscription gives you access to our Futures Trading Course with 10 educational videos on commodity futures trading. Our market analyses introduce you to the world of professional trading.

  • Futures Trading Course
  • Commodity Trading Reports
  • Commodity IW Channel
No credit card is required



$49 per month

Pro Trader

Follow the COT strategy, which works successfully for over 59 years.

The Pro Trader subscription allows you to follow how we trade on our COT-1 and StartUp accounts. The accounts differ in the capital used. Therefore, the Pro Trader subscription makes you very flexible.

  • Futures Trading Course
  • Commodity Trading Reports
  • Commodity IW Channel
  • COT Report Analysis
  • COT Signals
  • Weekly Trading Plans
  • Trader’s Watchlist
  • Daily Trading Comments
  • Access to our trades via Membership Area & Telegram
Best for experienced traders



per month

The Beginner Trader subscription

As a newcomer to the trading world, the processes on the market can seem quite complicated, but even today's trading professionals started out as beginners. It is important to first get a basic, general understanding of trading.

But there's no need to worry - here at InsiderWeek you've come to the right place! We make the initial flood of information easier for you with our clear futures trading course for beginners on the subject of futures and commodities trading. You can find this course as well as helpful checklists and weekly live FAQ webinars in the beginner subscription.

The Pro Trader subscription

This subscription is suitable for experienced traders who actively trade on the futures market.

We allow Pro Trader members to watch "over the shoulder" on our trades, based on the COT Report. We share daily analysis of promising commodity futures, highlight which trades we enter, share our plans and allow traders to understand the logic behind it.

As part of our Pro Trader subscription, we trade in two accounts: the StartUp account and the COT-1 account. Since these accounts differ in size, we show various approaches to trading on each of them: different markets, different risk levels. Thus, you will be able to adapt our strategy to your own attitude towards risk and money management.