What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-

What is InsiderWeek?

InsiderWeek means part-time trading of commodities and futures based on COT Report.

How did InsiderWeek come about?

During the week, in addition to the full-time job and family, there was simply not so much time left for trading. That’s why daytrading died for us right away. At the weekend we were able to concentrate fully on trading, but the markets are closed at the weekend. But our passion for trading was very strong, so we were looking for a suitable approach. We devoted ourselves to swing trading. This approach allowed us to trade during the week with minimal time. Most of the work we did on the weekend. Since we already knew on Sunday what we would trade in the coming week, we felt like insiders –

this is how InsiderWeek came about 🙂


Insider Week achievements and results in numbers:

✅ 8 years of experience in professional commodities and futures trading

✅ Since the start in 2014, more than $600.000  in profits have been made so far

✅ For 5 years we have been trading publicly and post the trading results every Sunday on insider-week.сom and Youtube Channel

✅ For 5 years there is the opportunity to look over our shoulder in our trading group “COT-Trading” and learn from us

✅ Third place at the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading ® 2017

✅ Third place at the Global Cup Derivatives Trading Championship ® 2019/2020

✅ Fifth place at the Global Cup Derivatives Trading Championship ® 2021/2021

✅ Over 5000 blog visitors every month

✅ Over 600 members from 18 countries




InsiderWeek Team

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-

Jörg Pohl

Wealth accumulation

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-
Max Schulz

Pro Account Trading, Coaching

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-

Markus Winkler

Coaching Support

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-
Michael Chechnev

Project Management

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-

Philipp Kozalla

Coaching Support

What is InsiderWeek? -23.12.2016-

Nikolai Reifschneider

Sales manager