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Why InsiderWeek exists

Max Schulz, founder of InsiderWeek

When I started trading, I was looking for a way to combine trading with a full-time job and family. Day trading was something I immediately ruled out. In fact, I only had time on weekends and in the evenings. But on weekends the trade markets are closed. After my thorough and detailed search I came across the Swing Trading approach. I was able to do my trading during the week with a minimum amount of time. I did most of my work on weekends. Since I already knew what I would be doing the following week on Sunday, I felt like an insider. I wanted to share knowledge like my coach Larry Williams shared it with me. That's why I founded InsiderWeek.

This is your money. Your success. Your freedom. Join InsiderWeek and trade with us.

What are we doing here

We have developed a high quality coaching program that effectively teaches you how to trade futures. We offer you opportunities to become financially independent by teaching you a successful strategy that works in the long term perspective.

How we think

We founded InsiderWeek because we believe that anyone with the right mindset can successfully manage their finances without wasting a lot of time.

What we do

Our goal is to teach every coaching participant to become a successful and profitable trader. We work together with you, accompanying you and supporting you on your way to trading success.

How it all started

In 2014 after finishing Larry Williams' commodity trading training program and numerous historical tests, Max Schulz started trading with real money from a small $14,000 account.

Starting a trading blog

Max Schulz's trading success was good enough with his trading account large and his profits stable. He quit his job. In 2016, he started showing his trades transparently in his trading blog:

First contest

In 2017 Max Schulz took 3rd place in the World Futures Trading Championship with a score of 111%. Thanks to his blog and notable success he received many requests to share his knowledge.

From blog to company

In 2020 Max Schulz stopped running individual coaching sessions because the number of people interested in his achievements had grown tremendously. There is always a large team around Max, working together with him to achieve the company's goals.

First million

At the turn of 2021/2022 Max Schulz managed to reach the one million dollar mark. He has thus increased his capital from $14,000 to $1 million in 8 years.

InsiderWeek in figures

9 years

Experience in futures and commodities trading

$ 900,000

Profits gained in 8 years

5 years

Public trading with 5 accounts


Online, remotely and together as a team


Coaching participants since its foundation in 2014


Members from over 18 countries

Logically minded visionaries with an inexhaustible thirst for action. Meet our team.

Max Schulz


I started showing great interest towards the stock market during my university studies. In my free time, I mainly traded in the futures markets. Since I wanted to do everything right, I attended the coaching program of Larry Williams. After that I started the InsiderWeek project with my friend from my days as a student.The profits from my trading became greater than my full-time job salary. So I quit my job and I've been making a living as a professional futures trader ever since.

Markus Winkler


I have been involved in the stock market since 2013 and have been an InsiderWeek coach since 2019. In the beginning I spent a lot of time studying, and it took some more time until I became successful in the stock market. Since 2017 I started to focus more on COT strategy, initially I invested all my free time in COT strategy and after a year I was able to implement this strategy successfully.




Co-Coaching and support

Philipp Kozalla


I am very active in the financial markets since 2012 and I am profitable since then, of course with regular drawdowns or temporary phases of losses. I joined the InsiderWeek team at the beginning of 2020. Earlier I was a team leader in the automotive industry. In addition to coaching sessions in English, I am responsible for product development. After traveling around Europe in a van with my family for two years, I have been living in Cyprus since late 2021.

Michael Chechnev


I have a degree in economics and more than 13 years of working experience in a multinational company. I have worked my way up through various positions in risk assessment and project management teams. I was one of the founders of InsiderWeek and was responsible for the IT structure and IT coordination in the company from the very beginning. I really enjoy cars, snowboarding and family vacations.




back end programmer




Graphic Designer