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Quest in 10 videos


Learn trading: Which is the best financial product?

5 min

What are futures?

6 min

Trading profitably in every market phase

4 min

3 main mistakes in futures trading with the COT report

7 min

Market technique: How to determine the trend?

7 min

What are characteristics of a successful trader?

8 min

COT REPORT 1 - What is the report, and how did it come about?

5 min

The best information for successful traders

5 min

The big market players

7 min

COT index and the graphical representation

6 min

Johannes Pieloth


I would like to thank the Insider Week team for the excellent training program.

The knowledge that is imparted here can be useful to everyone, from absolute beginners to professionals, and will help them to make money in the exchange market. Nothing is given to you for free. It's up to you and your discipline to invest time and energy in learning. You can get necessary assistance from the team at all times and all questions will be answered by email or in numerous webinars.

I'm happy and very satisfied.



I have been with Insider-Week since 2020 and have done COT1 and WCC coaching. And I’m rather successful with COT2 strategy, in particular. I am currently an active member of the weather futures trading coaching.

I can definitely recommend InsiderWeek. Max and his team publish their results, which have been growing steadily since the beginning. The course content is easy to understand and the weekly coaching sessions are very practical. If you have any questions, the team will answer you immediately and are always very helpful. The community is also very helpful. You can always exchange ideas and share trading application codes or other experiences.

I'm happy and very satisfied.

Mario Hübsch


The experience with Insider Week has been consistently positive. The coaching is of a very high quality. The aim of the entire Insider Week team is to move the students forward. The student is very well coached on the way to becoming a commodity trader. If you are interested in COT data and commodity trading, you cannot miss the training at Insider Week.

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