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The Trading Basic Training Course consists of 33 videos with total running time of 4 hours.

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You want to know what futures are and you don't want to look it all up online. We offer a free subscription video course, that answers all the basic questions about futures and futures trading.

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While watching the training videos you will certainly have questions in your mind. You can ask them in our weekly FAQ webinars. This will really help you getting deep inside your studying process started.

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You have access to 33 educational videos on futures trading, COT data and our strategy.


Everything we have done so far is compiled in our archive: webinars, articles and more.

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You can join our weekly FAQ webinars and ask your questions.


You have access to a whole series of checklists to help you get started in trading.

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You have access to recordings of our free webinars that include monthly trading opportunities.

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