60-day money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

(1) You have the right to cancel this contract within thirty days without specifying a reason.

(2) The withdrawal period is thirty days from the date of purchase.

(3) To exercise your right of withdrawal please send us at INSIDERWEEK EDUCATION LTD, Kinira 28, Floor 3, 8011 Paphos, Cyprus, VAT-ID: CY10417166X a letter or an e-mail with your decision to withdraw from this contract to info@insider-week.de.

(4) In connection with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient if you send notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

(5) If you cancel this contract, we must return the payments we have received from you not later than fourteen days from the day on which we received notice of the cancellation of this contract. For this refund, we will use the same payment method that you used for the original transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed with you.

(6) Under no circumstances will we charge you a fee for the refund.

(7) We are in no way obliged to reimburse any costs other than the purchase price of the product.

(8) We reserve the right to unilaterally amend, suspend or terminate this guarantee or to exclude customers in the event of misuse.

(9) If you have ordered a similar product from us within the last 5 years and returned it, this guarantee does not apply.

(10) If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail to info@insider-week.de.