Trading results W 51-19

by Michael Chechnev | Dec 22, 2019 | Trading week results

Hello Insiders and Traders,

Today is Sunday, December 22nd and we are summing up the trading week results.

Profit, $:
Natural Gas, 537.

Loss, $:
no losses.

Open positions at the end of week are:
Swiss Franc, long position – 10;
Cocoa, short position – 8.

Let’s analyze last trading week’s deals in details.

Firstly, this is our map of COT-Setups for week 50th.

NATURAL GAS (closed position) – small account

SetUp to sell for Natural Gas was formed in the weekly trading plan W47. The position was opened the same week. We have once again made sure that Natural Gas is a very volatile instrument and trades heavily. Look at the volatility it trades with. However, we have earned $537 for a small account. Last week, the position was closed at a stop loss.

Interestingly, new setup for buy was formed last week, Natural Gas price made new height last week and setup was activated. On our PRO account we are looking for pattern to enter long position here.

It should be noted that this year we will no longer open any deals on the small account. New trades will be opened in 2020 on this account. Small account goes on holiday 🙂

And now we can summarize the trading results on a small account.
This year 2019 was started with $11,747.
Now we have $17,871 here.
Annual profit is $6,124.
Max drawdown is $1,900. Quantity of winning trades is 59%.
The yield is over 50%.
This is slightly higher than PRO account yield. Small account requires more accuracy and here we take trend deals only.

SWISS FRANC (open position)

Setup for buy was on week 50th. The last half year Swiss Franc was on a sideway. Price is closer to point of inflection in seasonality. Then the seasonality has downward tend.

If we look at previous years, we can see that the price was also declining at the beginning of the year. Therefore, in the current period there is a high probability the price will start declining in the near future as well.

We have 10 contracts open. The strategy in this open position is the following. On the weekly plans, we will check the formation of new setups of other currencies and on this basis we will make a decision of Swiss Franc. We see two options here:
– we will move the position to breakeven;
– we will move stop loss below Friday’s low minus 1 tick.
Everything depends on what kind of setups will be for other currencies.

The height in seasonality is 31/12.
So, we’ll make a decision on the weekly plans.

COCOA (open position)

SetUp to sell for Cocoa was published in the weekly trading plan W48.
According to the COT index, we can see that it has not even discharged into the buying zone. That tells us there’s a high probability of a decline. With such a significant price movement last week, this could be the beginning of a good downward movement.

We keep the position. The decision to move the stop loss will be made in the weekly plans. In general we can keep position till 12/06 according to seasonality. There may be a correction next week and we would like it not to be deep.


CRB index made the new height, but closed at the opening level. If next week the index has new high, we will take long deals. If there are new lows, then short positions will be our friends.

To sum up the trading week:
Natural Gas profit $ 537;
no profit.
Total profit $ 537

That’s all we wanted to say in week 51.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 52.

These detailed trading plans are published for members in our Insider Week community. Join us now!

Trade smart, Insider Week team

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