Trading results W 06-20

by Michael Chechnev | Feb 9, 2020 | Trading week results

Hello Traders,

Today is Sunday, February 09th and we are summing up trading week.

The trading week was busy. The portfolio had many positions, almost all of them were closed by the end of the week.
Canadian dollar, profit $5,850
Palladium, loss $1,170
Japanese Yen, loss $4,462
Australian dollar, profit $15,560.

Open positions at the end of week are:
Cotton, short position – 5;
Canadian dollar, short position – 1 (small account).

This is our map of COT-Setups for week 05th.

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR (closed position)

SetUp to sell for Australian dollar was formed in the weekly trading plan W03. There is a good downtrend, but we left the trade, as we opened new positions and it was necessary to take profits to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio. We earned $15,760 here.

On Friday, the downtrend in the dollar continued. If there are corrections, we plan to sell.

PALLADIUM (closed position)

This is a new setup from weeks 05. There is an uptrend and the setup to buy has formed on this uptrend. According to the COT index, we see that Commercial are buying according to the trend. They believe that the trend will continue. However, the new height haven’t yet been rewritten. Apparently there may be a rollback a little more than we expected. The deal was closed with loss $1,170.

If we look at the price structure, we can see that it has changed significantly compared to the previous correction. We will observe the instrument next week. The accumulation is bullish. We do not see any bearish signs at the moment here. It is possible that we will re-enter the trade.

CANADIAN DOLLAR (closed position/open position (small account))

Here we see good resistance and now the price is going to the support level. Setup for sell was on week 05th. In the PRO account, the position has been closed to cover losses on other positions. Profit is $5,850.

On the small account, the position is open. Stop loss is at breakeven.

Pay attention to seasonality. 02/10-11 seasonality ends. We will also see Crude oil quotes, as it is a commodity currency. By the indicators of accumulation and distribution, we see that the downward movement can continue. They make new lows. After summing up, we will analyze the new COT data and make a decision on an open position on a small account.

COTTON (open position)

Setup to sell was on week 04. The price is slowly going down. Please note that Commercial sell according to the trend and how the price decreased when they sold in mid-2018. Seasonality also begins soon. There may be a good downward movement. We will observe. Stop loss is placed above 01/29.

JAPANESE YEN (closed position)

SetUp for Yen was published in the weekly trading plan W05. There were two setups in a row. But the week again closed with a red candle. Yen is not yet ripe for growth. The deal was closed in a stop with a loss of $4,462. On Friday there was an outside bar, this is a reversal bar. We will observe.

The deal was open based on strong accumulation. Now the price has dropped, but the accumulation is still bullish. Momentum also didn’t go down much. We are observing. Most likely we will once again enter the position.


We see that the week ends with a reversal candle. There is 50/50. The key to the market will help us choose the setups that will be formed after the analysis of the last COT report. If there are more setups to buy, then most likely the price will go up. And vice versa.

To sum up the trading week:
Canadian dollar, profit $5,850
Palladium, loss $1,170
Japanese Yen, loss $4,462
Australian dollar, profit $15,560.
Total profit $15,978.

That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 07.

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Trade smart, Insider Week team

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