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by Michael Chechnev | Jan 2, 2019 | Trading week results

The performance for the year was fantastic, as one can see from the numbers chart. Over the year, we increased our account to more than $379,000.

Insider Week was established in 2014, which makes 2018 the fifth consecutive year that the trading account of Insider Week reached an all time high. The performance for the year was fantastic, as one can see from the numbers chart. Over the year, we increased our account to more than $379,000. The results affirm the Insider Week approach to trend and market analysis. We continue to refine our strategy which focuses in part on COT data that originates from the weekly release of the Commitment of Traders Report. Let’s look at some of the lessons from 2018.

The success of our approach at Insider Week to Positions Management can be seen in our year end performance. Many discrete and profitable trades in close to 40 markets contributed to our impressive numbers for 2018. Here are some representative trading results from the year: In Trading Week 32 we closed a trade in the Mexican Peso with a profit of $14,930. We added to our position during the trade run. The trade contracts were opened and closed in a clear application of strategy rules tied to market movements. Insider Week Members benefit from privileged access to our daily and weekly guidance on trading positions. Members receive timely trading plan updates and trend analyses from us, so they too can implement a trading strategy based on Insider Week positioning for upcoming market trades. Members benefit from our experience as they apply our methods to improve their own trading results.

Naturally, there were some trade loss events, but that is simply part of the business. There were also a few situations where you could only scratch your head and ask yourself, in spite of professional training and experience, “… did that really just happen?” One such situation happened in Trading Week 5: in a fumbled management position, we took an opportunity to make a profitable trade in the Japanese Yen which led instead to an ample loss. The trade was running good but we were overconfident and added to our position too many contracts! The market turned and we closed the position at a loss – a would-be profit of $10,000 became a loss of $9,000. What did we learn from this? Anyone can be tempted by shortcuts to profit; but the same rules apply to professional traders and amateurs when it comes to sound Position, Risk, and Money Management. This event made it easy to see the importance of following through on our strategy rules and trading plan.

What do we expect for the future? Our approach to the market has a proven track record. We trust our market strategies and will continue to build on our success. In 2018, we managed to hold our maximum drawdown to under 9%; so, we are carrying forward that achievement as a goal for 2019 by adding it to our checklist. When we miss a market opportunity, our focus will be on understanding the event and learning how to apply the lesson. We also aim for faster closing of trading positions that stand for potential losses – we are not married to any one trade.

We will also further boost our response to COT signals in 2019 so as to not miss trends by labelling the signals as not strong enough.

We are again participating in the World Cup Championship of Future Trading in 2019; the goal is simply to win. This time around we look to compete with a higher risk profile for the Championship without “gambling” – trading is no casino event.

This is also the time for your Insider Week reminder, the beginning of the year is the time to renew your Membership so nothing gets missed.

Given all the positive feedback from current Members, we will expand our Market Analysis and Trading Services in 2019. The Trading Service contributes to a classic win-win scenario. Our motivations continue to be: the long-term success of Insider Week Members; growth through experience; and achievement of financial goals.

Our measure of success is satisfied Members. Making connections is important, we enjoyed meeting a group of Premium Members for an evening in Frankfurt, Germany. The October 2018 dinner event was a highlight of our time in Frankfurt – it coincided with the World Of Trading conference. We aim to meet more of our Members at similar events in the future. It is both important and fun to create opportunities to step out of the “virtual world” and build on new contacts and friendships in real life.

And finally, we have a book publishing project on the agenda for 2019. The idea for the book is to provide an overview of the first five years of successful money management and trading success at Insider Week. There continues to be a lot happening at Insider Week and 2019 already promises to be interesting and rewarding – good reasons to visit us today at and become a Member or subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.

Max Schulz
Professional Commodities and Futures Trader, Insider Week

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