Iw cot trading

Trading in financial markets without obvious results?

Traders which do not show openly their return on investments?

Have you ever faced such cases before?!

Insider Week makes it differently!

We trade only with financial instruments which declare earlier in public

– without any IF, Either or NO!

Insider Week does not just talk about profit,

Insider Week makes profit!

Follow IW trading through our shoulder and make sure of this by yourself.

Explore the key points of trading only with traders which return money on their investments in the reality!

The results Insider Week proud of:

  • Success in the trading on a personal account with the profit of 550 k USD within 6 years;
  • More than 100 k USD of earnings in 2018;
  • Almost 100 k USD of earnings in 2019;
  • The 3rd place on World Cup Trading Championship in 2017 with 111% profitability;
  • 200 k USD yield since Insider Week Group Practice launch in Germany in 2017;
  • 77% returns on 1 m USD of investments in 2017;
  • "Small account” project completion with 58% of success in 2017.
The results Insider Week

Do you want to trade in commodities and futures with the same profit and more?!
Traders which do not show openly their return on investments?

In our Insider group Practice we open our trade and financial instruments in full and demonstrate trading strategy. We indicate, when enter the market and when leave it. As well we mark Stop Loss and define the target of financial instrument movement. We manage open positions and move orders.We point out at what moment we fix the profit and how we manage the risks.

As we noted before – IW buy and sell only what we declared earlier!
Follow us, trade with us and make sure yourself.

Join the Insider Week Group Practice and become a successful commodity and futures trader!

How will the IW Group Practice of COT-Trading support you in becoming of the successful trader?

Futures trading based on COT-data: basic training materials and materials for advanced traders
Get acquainted with COT-strategy by reading our articles, watching our videos and webinars written and recorded specifically for you.

Weekly trading plans released on Sunday
Explore the methodical market choice: We analyze the new data of COT and select the most promising ones.

Daily comments to the market during the week
The market always keeps moving. We are as well! We constantly practice in real money trading.

“Sweet” trends
In financial market it’s very important to treat the analyzed data correctly and to use “highly probable” trends in trading strategy in due course.

  • The most profitable trading months through the year;
  • The best trends of the months.
“Sweet” trends

Free access to COT-SetUps. You can find the COT-Chart description here.

Free access to COT-SetUps

Free access to the archive of all weekly and daily trading plans (in Deutsch):

What performance has been achieved so far?

What performance has been achieved so far?

Important to understand and remember, that past profitability does not guarantee the same return on investments in future. But we trade our money and we are extremely interested in our approach to continue trade with high profit.

Do you still have questions?

Please follow our FAQ session..

For whom the IW Group Practice of COT-Trading is suitable?

In what format the materials are provided?

When the materials are provided?

Is it possible to repeat the IW trade 1 in 1?

IW is not a signaling service and does not want them to be. Theoretically you could do it as IW team shows openly and completely their enter and exit points. However it should be noted, that IW team manages 450 k USD on their account which allows us to trade multiple positions at the same time and uses Stops with higher absolute values. Unfortunately it’s not manageable with the small accounts where the CFD trading is not covered.

We would like to emphasize one more time, that there is no point in tracking and repeating blindly our trade. One of our aims is to give the Client opportunity to improve their trading skills gaining the professional experience in it. In the end everyone has to make a decision, which trade he would like to enter and which is to be ignored skip. Only in this way does a trader learn to take responsibility for his decisions. In the trade as in life: the person is grown only when takes their own responsibility. All professional trades we met are 100% responsible for their life.

If you just want to make money fast, then the Group Practice is not for you. If you are interested to gain professional experience in trading, so you are in the right place.

How to join the IW Group Practice of COT-Trading?

Is it required to renew subscription?

Yes, it’s required. Near the end of subscription the Client receives email notification in which we draw attention to the fact that the subscription expires.Then the Client can renew the subscription or consider the more advanced IW tariff plan.

What to do if the IW offer does not suit me?

We provide you with the best offer on the market that is a subject to a money back offer. If the Client understands that the chemistry is wrong, IW is ready to return money for subscription back in full. Draw the Client’s attention, that this guarantee is valid for 30 days since payment date. As a rule this period is enough to understand what is right for the Client and what is not. With a 30-days money back guarantee the Client can try our service without any risk.

Choose your perfect plan below to be on the market with “Smart money” 30 DAY RISK-FREE Trial with every subscription plan
Money Back
1 month $69 $69 PER MONTH BUY
3 month $65 $49 PER MONTH BUY
6 month $360 $60 PER MONTH BUY
12 month $660 $55 PER MONTH BUY
Buy now via Digistore24 - 60 days right of return! After clicking on "Buy" you will be redirected to the digistore24 order page, where you can select your payment method.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us within 60 days from the date of purchase and receive your purchase price fully refunded.

Risk Disclosure: Trading in futures, forex and CFD's involves a high degree of risk and is not suitable for every investor. An investor may possibly lose more than the capital deposited. Only risk capital should be used for trading, or parts of risk capital. Risk capital is money, the loss of which does not change the financial situation or does not affect life. Performance achieved in the past is not a guarantee of future profits.

Hypothetical Performance Disclosure: Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. The account results presented may vary significantly in gains and losses. One of the limitations of hypothetical results is that they are generated by known historical data. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk - no hypothetical track record can represent the financial risks of actual trading. For example, there is a possibility that trading will be suspended or cancelled if losses are incurred, this can greatly change the actual results. Furthermore, there are numerous other factors that cannot be fully accounted for in hypothetical performance when implementing a trading program, and thus can affect actual results.

Testimonials appearing on this website are not representative of other clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.