The Insider Week COT-SetUp is mainly the basis of our successful trading strategy in the commodity and futures markets.

The results of IW trading strategy speak for itself.

The results of IW trading strategy

What is the Insider Week COT SetUp about?

The IW COT-SetUp service contains several key tools:

1. Weekly trading plan

Every Sunday the Client receives the extended newsletter where IW team shares their weekly trading plan in details based on IW trading strategy for the following week. Each tool included in Watch list is considered and analyzed in details, as well it’s supplemented with specific steps to be followed next week. Besides that open positions and trade tools currently in place for SetUp are commented. Following Weekly trading plan the Client has the possibility to significantly improve their trading skills and looks at their trading plan for the following week over the shoulder of the experienced futures traders.

Weekly trading plan

2. COT – Chart

Insider Week team experience in commodities and futures trading trains us that no charts move the price, but price movement is driven by fundamental changes in the market. Data derived from Commitments of Traders report is the base of IW successful trading. Using this data the behavior of Commercials (so called “Key players “) in the market could be followed as these traders have the significant impact on market movement. This information allows IW team to recognize the beginning trends and to make the profitable decisions. To make the trading easier IW team collects and consolidates all required fundamental data from Commitments of Traders report on the so called COT-Charts.

The COT-Charts shows the following:

  • When Commercials buy and sell;
  • What is Large speculators behavior;
  • How price behaves based on historical factors.

The COT-Chart contains the following information:

  • COT data presentation in graphics;
  • Sentiment;
  • Seasonal trends.

So COT-Chart gives our Clients all required information to be profitable in the market.

So COT-Chart gives our Clients all required information

3. COT – Signal (SetUp)

The Client is granted with the access to unique COT-SetUps.

A) Weekly the IW team:

  • Analyses the historical data over 40 liquid futures markets in total;
  • Compares it with the current data presented in COT-Chart;
  • Looking for the moments with high probability of price movement.

So the trading opportunity appears in commodity and futures markets
and the SetUps are happened. In this way we plan our trade.

You can get more details about our trading strategy here.

COT – Signal (SetUp)

B) Besides that IW team provide the Clients with the COT-data captured in the tables where all useful data for previous trading week movements can be found.

C) For your convinience the futures are groupped by categories that supports the Client in understanding of cash flow in a better way. Several COT-Signals in one category allows the Clients to conclude, that Commercials money flowed to this category and the big trend is coming soon.

All this above supports the Client in making the best decision to enter and exit the position.

4. IW Watch list

The Client has the possibility to use IW team’s Watch List, which shows openly all IW trading positions and their profitability.

Watch list is formed by additional futures analysis. Besides historical data, IW team analyzes intermarket connections between different financial instruments. These data as well as COT-data are important for profitable trading strategy.

The Client can use Watch list as an assistant when making decision to enter the position and to exit from it.

IW Watch list

How it works? (FAQ)

How can the Client get a detailed description of the practical use of the COT-Chart?

The Client can find all required information in a structured way on this page. Moreover, IW team will send the Client the detailed description how to use the COT-Chart.

What does the Client get as a subscriber?

The Client is granted with the access to Membership zone «My Insider Week», where each Sunday IW team publishes all described above information based on updated COT-data.

How much does IW COT-SetUp cost?

IW COT-SetUp is available for subscription for one, three or twelve months. Price can be found at the bottom of this page.

Is it required to renew subscription?

Yes, it’s required. Near the end of subscription the Client receives email notification in which we draw attention to the fact that the subscription expires. Then the Client can renew the subscription or consider more advanced IW tariff plan.

Does more advanced IW tariff plan include the COT-Chart?

Yes, the COT-Trading tariff plan includes the COT-Chart as well as daily comments to the market.

1 month $25 $25 PER MONTH BUY
3 month $70 $23 PER MONTH BUY
12 month $240 $20 PER MONTH BUY
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