Futures Trading based on COT Report W38-20

by Michael Chechnev | Sep 20, 2020 | Trading week results

Hello everyone,

Today is Sunday and we traditionally summarize the last trading week and prepare our plan for the next trading week.

For those who are on our page for the first time I’ll tell you briefly that our strategy is based on COT reports from CFTC. Each Sunday, we analyze the latest COT report and look for setups. After this analysis, a COT-map and our watch list are formed. During the following week we are making a technical entry into a trade based on our unique and popular patterns.

So, let’s get back to summarizing. At the end of the week we have short positions in Natural Gas and Coffee.

Firstly, this is our map of COT-Setups for previous week 37th.

NATURAL GAS – open position

SetUp to sell for Natural Gas was published in the weekly trading plan W37.

Due to the expiration of current contract on the weekly continues chart, we see that the week is closing up, but the current contract closes below the opening of the week.

The position was opened on 15 September. We are moving a stop loss to breakeven here. In general, the indicators are bearish. And we are planning to keep the position. On Monday-Tuesday, there will be an accurate understanding of the further strategy in natural gas.

COFFEE – open position

SetUp to sell for Coffee was published in the weekly trading plan W33. The price of coffee has been growing for a long time after the formation of the setup, but this week we see a significant decline. The outlook for decline is good.

The trade was opened this Friday. We only opened one lot due to the high risk per contract (over $6,000). On Monday night we plan to move our stop loss to above Wednesday’s high.

Target price 1 is 99.15. The position is kept.


Index CRB shows bullish direction. The indicator Momentum is very bullish here. This is primarily due to grains cector and crude oil, which is recovering.

The next week promises to be interesting to trade.

That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning forthcoming trading week 39.

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Trade smart, Insider Week team

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