Futures Trading based on COT Report W21-20

by Michael Chechnev | May 24, 2020 | Trading week results

Hello everyone,

this week we have done some good trades. Our real account currently has a historical high, and also has high chances to exceed $600,000 by the end of the year.

For those who are on our page for the first time I remind you that our strategy is based on COT reports from CFTC. Each Sunday, we analyze the latest COT report and look for setups. After this analysis, a COT-map and our watch list are formed. During the following week we are making a technical entry into a trade based on our unique and popular patterns.

So, let’s get back to summarizing. We earned $11,394 in “PRO ACCOUNT” and $750 in a small account. Last week, a risk reduction strategy was chosen during a period of uncertainty in the markets and it turned out to be correct. Let’s look at the trades of the past week.
Natural Gas, profit $6,570
Cotton, profit $45
Gasoline, profit $4,779

Firstly, this is our map of COT-Setups for week 20th.

NATURAL GAS (closed & open position), profit $6,570

This short trade was opened on the basis of the setup, which was formed on the 20th week.

This is the trend deal and these deals have the best performance. The trade was opened on Wednesday, May 20th by the %R indicator. Part of the deal was closed on Thursday with a profit of $6,570. The 2 remaining open contracts are at breakeven. On a small account, the deal is completely closed. Profit is $750 on our small account.

If we talk about further strategy here, then the COT index is not discharged, so the downward movement can be continued, but most likely the movement will be sawtooth.

The Natural Gas supply and demand indicator is making the new heights. Most likely the price will beat off the support level of 1.837, which is highlighted in blue and the price may reach MA18. If there are patterns for entering a short position, we will open a position.

COTTON (closed position), profit $45

SetUp to buy for COTTON was published in the weekly trading plan W16. This setup and trade was against a trend.

This deal was opened on May 1, and closed on May 18. The trade was closed with a profit of $45. But the overall picture of the trade in cotton for this setup is still unprofitable.

The weekly chart above shows that each week cotton price rewrites the lows of the previous weeks. Growth here is not rapid. Most likely the price will move to MA52 at such a pace.

On the daily chart, we see that the price is in correction again. At the same time, the indicator of supply and demand begins to rise. Next week we can try to make money on this correction. Entrance to the deal is also seen as short-term.

GASOLINE (closed position), profit $4,779

SetUp to buy for Gasoline was published in the weekly trading plan W20. Profit here is $4,779. I want to note that timing was ideally chosen here to close the trade. Trade was closed because there was inside day and reversal day at the same time. This is signal for correction. Correction began the next day after we closed this deal.

We see that the COT index also continues to be in buy zone. This means that the upward movement will continue and it will be possible to seek for entry points for short-term deals.

Next week we can look for buy signals. Here we see the entry to the trade either by a rebound from MA18 or by the %R or our favourite patterns of Inside or Outside day.


The COT index has been rising this week. The momentum is also rising. The next week is also seen to be growing.

Therefore, we need to be careful when opening short deals in the commodity market and give preference to long trades.

To sum up the trading week:
Cotton, profit $45
Natural Gas, profit $6,570
Gasoline, profit $4,779
Total profit $11,394.

That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 22.

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Trade smart, Insider Week team

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