Futures Trading based on COT Report W17-20

by Michael Chechnev | Apr 26, 2020 | Trading week results

Hello Traders,

Today is Sunday, April 26th and we are summing up trading week 17.

By the end of the week, we fixed a loss of $7,590.
NASDAQ Profit $1,755;
Canadian dollar Loss $9,345.

And we came up with a short position in Soybeans and Coffee.


NASDAQ (closed position), profit $1,755

SetUp to buy for NASDAQ was published in the weekly trading plan W16. The index is growing slowly and gives a little money through short-term patterns. Last week we made a good profit here (link). This week’s profit was $1,755.
The entry in both cases was based on a short-term pattern Inside Day, as well as based on statistics of price behavior in April over the past 16 years. We see that at the end of April the index has a green range.

In this figure, the vertical value of the price movement within the day as a percentage. The horizontal number is the trading day of the month. On Thursday, when we entered the position, it was the 17th trading day.

This screen is made of our new tool QUANTUM, which is being tested. It is available for all our members. Some indexes, Crude Oil and Gold are available on the page of this tool (link).

The same trade was on small account. Here we earned $135.

We didn’t begin to hold the position for a long time, because the indicator of accumulation and distribution with such growth should be above the price. That is, the indicator is now bearish. In this situation, NASDAQ and other Stock Indices can turn around very quickly. It is better to use short-term patterns, make a profit and take it.

CANADIAN DOLLAR (closed position), loss $9,345

SetUp to buy for Canadian Dollar was published in the weekly trading plan W16. When entering the deal, we relied on a strong seasonal factor and momentum.

However, there was no necessary impulse. In the near future there will be a flat movements and a turn down. The deal was closed by stop loss. The loss amounted to $ 9,345.

SOYBEANS (open position)

SetUp to sell for Soybeans was published in the weekly trading plan W15. We entered the position through the may contract of soybeans. Next was rollover. And now we have 9 open short contracts.

At the moment, we have placed a limit order to close the position at the level of 829.

We plan to close this position for several reasons.
1. Momentum indicator, which began to grow strongly.
2. After May 6, the seasonal factor will turn the price up.

In this regard, here either the price will fall as a zigzag or stop in the area of ​​the current low and there will be further growth. Both options are against our position. Therefore, it was decided to close ZS through the limit order at 829.

COFFEE (open position)

SetUp to sell for Coffee was published in the weekly trading plan W15.

Coffee showed itself very well and there is every chance of a quick drop. It is possible that in next week the price will fall to our target price 73.1. The correction here has already done, and after corrections the coffee falls quickly. Look at historic movements.

So, on Friday, short coffee position was opened on (3 contracts). Position is kept.


The index is now bearish. Our portfolio is also bearish – short positions in soy and coffee are open. Cocoa, orange juice and cotton look interesting for trading next week. All futures and commodities will be considered on the weekly plans.


That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 18.

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