Trading results W 29-19

Hello, Insiders,

Today is Sunday, July 21th and we are summing up the trading week results.

Profit, $: Dow Jones, 16,225;
Canadian dollar, 280.

All deals are currently closed and there are no open positions.

Let’s consider last week’s deals in details.

Dow Jones (closed position)
SetUp for Dow Jones was published in the weekly trading plan W24.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

We were in the trade almost from the moment of the setup formation up to the current moment.

We had three trades of Dow Jones. Last week we closed position with the profit of $ 16,225. The total profit from the Dow Jones trade of this setup is $26,365.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

Today we will look at new setups and decide on our indices strategy for the near future. Now we see that it can be the good decline. By seasonal factor, the index is now in the period of sell. The price has come to the high of the seasonality. COT index is in the sell area as well.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

Let me remind you that short position in indices is the risky position. The market is bullish. It is better to wait and look for points to buy. We will make the detailed analysis on the trading plans in our group COT-Trading.

Canadian dollar (closed position)
There was no setup for the Canadian dollar.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

During entering position of New Zealand dollar, we compared all commodity currencies. At that time, the Canadian dollar was stronger than New Zealand dollar and Australian dollar. For that reason, it was decided to entry to long position of Canadian dollar.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

We bought the Canadian dollar twice. The first time was not successful. The price went up close and the position was closed through the stop-loss with the loss of $ 20. Now we managed to make some money. Profit was $ 280.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

We exited this deal by TDOM strategy on the 11th trading day (last Monday). This was done due to 12th trading day of Canadian dollar is start of decline. Now we see that the Canadian dollar is consolidating.

Trading results W 29-19 -21.07.2019-

To sum up the trading week:
Dow Jones Profit $ 16,225
Canadian dollar Profit $ 280
Total profit $ 16,505

Today we will plan for the upcoming week and consider new setups.

These detailed trading plans are published for members in our Insider Week community. Join us now!

Trade smart, Insider Week team