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Our coaching program consists of two parts, beginning with our COT-1 strategy course. Once you've mastered our COT-1 strategy, you will progress on to the more advanced and even more profitable COT-2 strategy course.

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Our one-year coaching program is everything you need to become a successful trader.

Franz Hofmann

Complete training course to become a profitable trader

At InsiderWeek they don't just sell you a few trading rules, they give you a complete training course so you can become a real trader. I would never have come up with the rules and this system on my own. But the most important thing for me was the money management strategy and ways of dealing with personal emotions.

In addition to the weekly webinars there is also an individual coaching program, especially when things don't go well. My coach Markus was very enthusiastic and did not give up until I became a profitable trader.

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Coaches would sell this directly to the students in the process.


Those being aware of what you are talking about

I have been with InsiderWeek since 2020 and have done COT1 and WCC coaching. And I’m rather successful with COT2 strategy, in particular. I am currently an active member of the weather futures trading coaching.

I can definitely recommend InsiderWeek. Max and his team publish their results, which have been growing steadily since the beginning. The course content is easy to understand and the weekly coaching sessions are very practical. If you have any questions, the team will answer you immediately and are always very helpful. The community is also very helpful. You can always exchange ideas and share trading application codes or other experiences.

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