In 2017, we wanted to repeat our success of 2014 with our StartUp account! In 2014, we quadrupled a $14,000 account in one year. Based on our experience, you don't need $100,000 in seed capital, and you do not have to be a full-time professional trader to make good money in the markets. With the right approach, motivation and mindset, it is also possible to achieve your goal.

We wanted to make it public. We posted our setups in advance with all upcoming trades on Facebook and and published our results as well as our account balance on a weekly basis. Our goal was to turn a $16,700 account into a $50,000 account by the end of the year. We wanted to make this process public, transparent and comprehensive.

We started our project in October 2016, and one year later, in October 2017, we could see the following results: link to the confirmation result on our German website dated 2017:

We achieved a 58% return on the side (the StartUp account was a completely different project), which is quite impressive. In our Practice trading group we discuss what knowledge and skills are needed in order to achieve this goal.




!!! Attention! From 03.2018 we will again be trading a small account of $ 10,000 in our trading group !!!