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All the information you need for fundamental analysis is consolidated into one chart.

The COT chart contains COT signals and covers 40 liquid futures sectors.

Max presents the markets that he is trading in the coming week and gives his market assessment.

We suggest you to assess the seasonality of commodities. Find out when you can trade low-risk commodities.

Read the weekly COT signals.

The COT tool is an important part of the fundamental analysis. With the silver subscription tariff you receive COT signals which are graphically displayed and assessed on the weekly chart. This saves you energy, as you do not have to calculate the COT signals by yourself.

Increase the number of views by using seasonal trades

You want to trade futures and are looking for more guarantees to enter the trading market. Use our seasonal trades for extra confirmation. You will become more confident in trading and can take more hits.

Learn from our transparency policy

Wondering what markets professional traders trade on? With the Silver subscription tariff, you have access to Max's watchlist, his trading plans and the open positions of his COT 1 strategy. This way, you’ll know in which markets he is positioned.

Get our strategy overview

You're not sure if COT data trading and swing trading in futures is what you need. With our Silver subscription rate you can easily understand our strategy fundamentals.

Receive news and other materials

You want to stay informed and find out what else we're dealing with. With the Silver subscription rate you will become a member of our Telegram group. You will receive the latest trading news. We provide additional subjects related to our strategy.

What you get from us


Our archive is open to you: Webinar recordings, knowledge articles and more.


You have access to a range of checklists to help you get started in trading.

COT chart

The COT chart assesses buy and sell signals. You will find an overview of all the futures we trade.

COT-1 trading plans

We publish trading plans and trading results on Sundays.

Open positions for COT-1

You can see our open positions which are updated daily.

Weather Service

You get a collection of links like Weather Forecast and Weather-Outlook-Maps about weather trading.

COT-1 Watch list

Every weekend we publish our watch list with markets we plan to trade.

Telegram-channel Group

Receive information and updates.


You’ll get the seasonal trades assessment results.

Quantum Tool & Correlation

You can recognize correlations, find the best trading day and the best trading time.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the Silver Tariff?

After clicking on the "Buy now" button you will be redirected to Digistore24 payment page, where you will be offered different payment methods. Immediately after receiving your payment, we will activate your membership status. You will receive an invoice with VAT from Digistore24.

We want you to have the opportunity to grow to the Gold Subscription Tariff by gaining professional trading experience. At the end of the day, everyone has to decide for themselves which set-up to trade and which not. This way you learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Trading is the same as with life: you will grow only if you take responsibility for yourself. All the professionals I've met stand out because they take 100% responsibility for their lives. If you just want to make a fast buck, Gold Subscription Tariff is not for you. If you want a professional trading experience, then the Gold Subscription Tariff is right for you.

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It is important to understand that performance of the previous periods is not a guarantee for performance of the future periods. However, we trade using our own money. We also use this money to cover our living expenses, which means that we have as much interest as possible in ensuring that our approach continues to deliver good returns.