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“Fortunately, after several years of “try and error” trading in forex and futures trading, I came across Insider Week in 2017. This calm and thoughtful trading approach has taken my trading to another level and finally made me profitable too.”

“I am currently taking part of the coaching program and don’t regret any minute until now.”

“After two years of studying the strategy and testing on a demo account, I managed to earn 70% of my deposit. I know there are students with even more impressive results, but I am glad that my dedication has paid off.”

“I am interested in trading and COT data trading since 2014. I studied lots of material on this topic and got acquainted with the site Insider Week and Max Schulz in 2017. I was impressed with how skillfully Max operates with COT data, technical analysis and risk management.”

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Outstanding Story

Karl-Heinz Ramer used to be an officer and an IT specialist. In the meantime, he developed his interest to the stock market. Then his friend told him about Insider Week.

Karl decided to learn more about COT report trading strategy. Having studied Max Schultz’s course, he managed to benefit from trading for the first time. He decided to follow his tutor and published his results on his website. The results exceeded the expectations. Having started on October 1, 2019 with $25,000, he gained almost $214,000 by the end of 2020.

You can see all his trades and read more about him here (Please use auto translator by Google Chrome 😉

Karl’s site

REVIEWS -15.07.2021-
REVIEWS -15.07.2021-

From learning of COT strategy to becoming member of InsiderWeek team


Alex has been a member of the InsiderWeek team since 2020. He is mostly responsible for content in the InsiderWeek.

He has learned the COT strategy. The champion strategy illustrates his success.

In the regular videos, he introduces newcomers to interesting facts about trading. He regularly provides extensive forecasts on the raw material markets. Through the many years of trading experience, he has learnt about typical trading errors and psychological traps. In his videos he explains how to avoid these errors.

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Insider Week’s feedback

Hello, I am hoping you can clarify the following for me. ***** BTW, I find your subscription very useful and think the data and trades provided are excellent!! Thank you, Ronnie

Hi, I am very interested in COT strategy you have done a very great work my compliment. Regard, Fabio

Dear Max and Team, First let me introduce, I have recently discovered your website which was a pleasure as I have been studying COT data and its usefulness during last few years and consider it a treasure for futures. Yet, very few professionals have been able to tap into its wealth. As I am going thru different sections of your website, while reviewing some past trades (2020) for the purpose learning. I thought of a data-point (analysis) suggestion which might be useful in furthering your system. Again, thanks for building this great system and offering it to other traders, and look forward to work along your website as a long term subscriber. Best Regards, Amir