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Welcome to InsiderWeek. Great to have you here at our trading report again this week. Before I start to discuss our results I want to warmly invite you to our free webinar which is going to be held on Tuesday the 12th of July. Join us at 6:30 pm London time and get to know our trading opportunities for the month of July. Additionally you can ask all your questions about our trading opportunities as well as our coaching program to Max Schulz who is the founder of InsiderWeek and the inventor of the profitable COT trading strategy. Use the link below this video to register for the webinar on the second Tuesday of the month.

Now let’s get back on track and discuss the trading results for our commodity and futures trading according to COT data for week number 27. We made a total profit of +$7,804. Let’s have a look at the individual trades that made our profits.

As usual let’s start with our COT strategy. We started into the week with a portfolio that consisted of one open position, namely nine short contracts in sugar. We were very well in the win in this position and at the end of this week we are left with one open position, namely in lumber one long contract. In the sugar market on the weekly chart you can see what we’ve explained in the past weeks constantly. You can see that there is a resistance level on the upper boundary that was formed and indicated by our sell signals. On the monthly chart you can see where our long-term target price has been defined - at the level of 10. The price tested an intermediary support level and then bounced back to the upside. At this level we placed our target price. On the daily chart you can see that the target price was placed on the level of 17.63 and unfortunately the price didn’t reach that price level however we used a trailing stop to protect our accounting profit. Thus we moved our stop loss closer and closer to the current price and as you can see on Thursday we were stopped out with this technique. By that we realized a profit of +$9,878. In total the sugar trade brought us a profit of +$15,254. Next trade: Japanese Yen. For one and a half years the price of Japanese Yen has been falling. We received a sell signal in the direction of the weekly trend. In contrast you can see that the seasonal trend was increasing at the same time. On the daily chart you can see that we were triggered in this market, however there was no impulse wave into our direction to the downside. We waited for four days and because there was no immediate impulse wave into our direction and instead the price moved in a sideways range we decided to exit this market. By that we made a profit of +$1,550. Our third trade in the COT strategy is the trade in lumber. From the weekly chart you can see that we received a buy signal exactly at the support level that was formed in the past. On this chart you can see the triangular structure of the market and thus we can derive where the target price of the lumber market in a long run will be. On the daily chart you can see that we were triggered according to our plan. We used the correction that we’ve seen to enter the market. The price moved into our direction but the bar on Friday was a sell bar. We have a stop loss in this position, the direction to the upside is clear and thus we expect our target price anyways to be reached.

Next let’s have a look at our second COT strategy - the so-called champion strategy. At the beginning of this week we had an empty portfolio and at the end of this week we have two long contracts in cotton. This week’s performance amounts to -$3,624. Let’s have a look at the trades. The loss came from the trade in crude oil. As you can see we entered this market with a long position because we expected a trend continuation in this market. As you can see the price moved to the downside in an impulsive way and according to our trading plan we had a stop loss that protected our capital. And the second trade was made in cotton during the last week. We saw a sell-off in cotton. We assume that reaction to be a panic reaction and furthermore the fundamentals imply that cotton should increase in prices. We have drought in the United States and floods in China and in India. Accordingly we positioned ourselves with a long trade. This trade is against the daily trend direction and because of that we’re only using two long contracts. That’s a small position and thus we reduced our risk by position sizing in this way.

Now let’s have a look at our weather trading account. Here we combine weather fundamentals with COT data and as you can see we didn’t realize any gains in this week. Nevertheless we opened a new position in cotton. As mentioned before the fundamentals in cotton are very promising. There are floods and droughts that interplay with increasing cotton price pressure in the market. The trade consists of one open contract and now it’s on the market to develop in our direction. The commodity stocks that we are currently holding are based on the idea of the drought period in the United States and on the chlorine tablets. We discussed these trades three weeks ago so please watch our trading results there. We wait for the quarterly reports to arrive to decide whether we want to continue to hold these positions. Nevertheless maybe we will eliminate the weakest commodity stocks and only hold the strongest. You will see what we’re going to do here in the next trading results video.

Finally let’s have a look at the CRB index. That’s the commodity price index and as you can see and as we mentioned before and forecasted the prices of the commodities are in a correction period. We have another correction week and that’s what we can see in individual commodity markets as well. As a result it’s important to be patient at the moment and concentrate on a mix of long and short trades.

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About the author

Max Schulz is a professional futures and commodities trader. He is the founder and head of InsiderWeek. For many years he has been helping people achieve their financial goals by training them in futures trading.

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