Our Futures Trading Results. Week 8 2021


  • Our week in the markets using COT Strategy: +2,757



This week in the market:

Boost your equity with an additional strategy

Finally – after a long time with no significant profit we can show a positive weekly result again!

We can do it thanks to the champion strategy. The markets are currently in a “supertrend” phase. Most of the important commodity markets have been moving in a stable upward trend for a long time. As a result, we have many COT setups on sell, but they do not indicate a trend reversal, they only indicate corrections.

In a market situation like this, the COT data is not useful. We have therefore decided to include a second strategy in our portfolio so we can take action in both.

We have included our successful championship strategy in our trading to show that diversifying the trading approach can increase profits and reduce losses. And the success proves us right: while our well-known and proven strategy would have led to a negative result this week as well, this drawdown could be reduced with the help of strategy 2 (Champion).


HERE you can find a summary of all individual trades and a comparison of the results of both strategies:




We wish you all the best with trading!


Max Schulz and
the InsiderWeek team