Our Futures Trading Results. Week 44 2021


  • Our week in the markets using COT Strategy: +$9,025
  • Our week in the markets using Champion COT Strategy: -$11,687 



Welcome to InsiderWeek. My name is Max Schulz and in this video I’m going to show to you the trading results of our commodity and futures trading according to COT data for week number 44. We started into week number 44 with a portfolio that consisted of one open position, namely 19 long contracts in Wheat. During the week we closed this position such that we end this week with an empty portfolio. 

Let’s have a look at the trade in Wheat on the weekly chart. You can see an uptrend in Wheat. Furthermore we received a buy signal. We receive our buy and sell signals by analyzing COT data, sentiment, seasonal trend, and other indicators as well. After observing our buy signal we decided to trade this market long. On the daily chart you can see that we waited for the right timing to enter this market. From the past you can see that we traded this market successfully before and because of the bullish setup we gave it another try. After we were triggered the market developed into the direction as expected. Nevertheless the correction was deeper than expected and because of that we exited the market and we were stopped out on Thursday. We decided to exit this market to save our profits because the probability for a trend reversal was pretty high and thus we realized a total gain of +$9,025. This market is still interesting to us and if one of our entry pattern appears again we are ready to take another long trade. We train the students of our coaching program in how to apply our entry patterns. If you as a futures trader or a beginner want to take the next step and want an approach that is replicable you can find the link to our website below our youtube videos and you can fill in your information such that we can contact you in order to answer all your remaining questions.

Now let’s have a look at our second COT strategy – the so-called champion strategy. This week was not that successful in the strategy. We started into the week with a portfolio that consisted of two open positions, namely 13 long contracts in Bitcoin and 8 short contracts in the 10-Year T-Notes. At the end of this week we are left with the open position in Bitcoin. During the week we took some other trades that I will show you right now. 

In the 10-Year T-Notes we had two successful trades in the past. We entered this market again but this time a trend reversal appeared and consequently we were stopped out with a loss. Furthermore we made a long trade in Soybeans. We expected a break-out, however price turned around and we were stopped out as well. Finally we have one open position in Bitcoin. In harmony with seasonal trend we decided to take a long trade in this market. Accordingly we expect to see higher bitcoin prices in harmony with the strong weekly uptrend. 

In total this week we made a small loss of -$2,662. This is considerably small compared to our total capital in our accounts of $837,000. We just come from 4 very profitable weeks and at the moment we can see a consolidating period. Thus we need to be patient until the next performance boost as seen in the past. As a reminder we now have a total equity of $837,000 and we started 8 years ago with an initial capital of $14,000.

As always let’s have a look at the CRB index. We added a trend-line to see the stable uptrend. Now we can see a small correction and we expect to see higher commodity prices at the end of this correction. For now we need to be a bit more careful and we need to adjust our risk accordingly. Once the correction has ended we can increase our risk again. Do you use consistent risk management in your trading? Please write it in the comments and if you’re already there give this video a like such that we know that you’re interested in getting to know more information about COT trading. In order to not miss out on this valuable information, please subscribe this youtube channel. 

HERE you can find a summary of all individual trades and a comparison of the results of both strategies:





We wish you all many successful trades for the coming week.

Max Schulz and
the InsiderWeek team