Our Futures Trading Results. Week 16 2022


  • Our week in the markets using COT Strategy: +$11,000
  • Our week in the markets using Champion COT Strategy: +$22,985
  • Our week in the markets using Weather Analysis: +$450



+$34,435 profits. That’s the trading result from our commodity and futures trading according to COT data and our extreme weather analysis for week number 16. By making this amount of money in this week we made a new all-time high on our trading accounts. Although commodity prices are decreasing at the moment our equity curve is increasing. Welcome to InsiderWeek. In this video I’m going to show to you our trades of this week and the corresponding results. 

Let me begin by showing to you our trades and portfolio of our COT strategy. In total we trade three strategies and the COT strategy is the first strategy. We started into the week with an empty portfolio and at the end of the week our portfolio is also empty. During the week we had one trade in Live Cattle. Let’s have a look at this trade. On the weekly chart you can see that we received a buy signal in the weekly trend direction. On the daily chart you can see that we used this buy signal to enter the market and while the first trade that we had in this market was not successful this time we caught the right timing and we decided to exit the position on Friday when the price reached the resistance level that is drawn in the daily chart that you can see here. By closing this trade we made a total profit of +$11,000. One reason for our exit was the price of Corn. You can see that the corn price is very high and that means that there’s a lot of pressure on the price of Live Cattle. From our weather analysis we can also see that there’s support for increasing Corn prices at the moment. Not only do we have up-price-pressure from dangerous droughts in the US where corn is grown we also have up-price-pressure on Corn arising from the situation in the Ukraine. Consequently if Corn prices start to decrease again then there will be upwards price pressure on Live Cattle again.

Now let’s have a look at our second COT strategy – the so called champion strategy. This strategy is also based on the COT data reported in the commitments of trader’s report. This strategy is more aggressive in such a way that it delivers more signals and more entry patterns to the traders. Our strategies are profitable, we trade them for years, and have the experience to teach our students. When you have a look on our website you can see how transparent we report our trades to you. You can see that our equity increased due to our trading strategies from $15,000 to more than a million dollars. You can find a link to see our results and to learn more about our coaching programs below this video. In our champions strategy we started into the week with a portfolio that consisted of two open positions, namely six long contracts in Lean Hogs and one long contract in Heating Oil. At the end of this week we have no more trades in our portfolio. This week’s trades together brought us a net result of +$22,985 in this week. This profit led to new all-time high in the champion account. Let’s have a look at the three trades that we used to reach that all-time high. Our position in Lean Hogs came from a trade in the last week. We closed this position on Monday and as you can see we caught a good timing and made a great profit. Next market is Heating Oil. Here we also had a trade from the last week and we closed the position when the price reached the level of the last high. As mentioned in the last week we expected that a correction is following and as you can see exactly that is what happened. Our next trade was the Dow Jones E-mini trade and as you can see we entered this market according to our entry pattern and exactly on the next day the price touched our target price. We made a great profit and the price turned around. You can learn how we set our target prices as part of our coaching program. As you can see these target levels are very powerful.

Our third and final account uses the weather trading strategy. It complements the other two strategies by combining COT data and fundamental weather analysis. This strategy is more suited for trades where you hold positions for a longer period. In this week we made a total profit of +$450. In the strategy we also made a trade in Lean Hogs but as you can see we exited the market later than we did in the other strategy. However we still made a gain. We expect that the market is going to be flat, as mentioned before, for the next period and if the meat market finds a new uptrend we will be ready to enter this market again. In Rough Rice we had fundamental reasons to enter the market. We expect that the market is going to increase even further more. We are long in this market with three contracts and we are well in the win. At the end let’s have a look at the so-called CRB index which is the index for the commodity prices. The index showed us a new high although the last week had its close below the close of the previous week. Nevertheless, the CRB index shows us bullish indications which means that we will look for long entries. 

HERE you can find a summary of all individual trades and a comparison of the results of both strategies:





Be aware of the risk because risk management is the key to success in trading.

Max Schulz and
the InsiderWeek team