Our Futures Trading Results. Week 14 2021


  • Our week in the markets using COT Strategy: +$975
  • Our week in the markets using Champion COT Strategy: +$1,302



Hello and welcome to InsiderWeek. My name is Max Schulz and in this video I’m going to discuss with you the trading results from our commodity and futures trading according to cot data in week number 14. In the last two weeks we posted our trading results in text format because InsiderWeek made vacation. Nevertheless we took some trades according to our strategy because I’m trading a swing strategy on a daily basis. This strategy is time saving. It allows me to conduct the strategy during the week using approximately 15 to 20 minutes. That’s why I could trade on the strategy during vacation without my family feeling neglected at all. We hope that you were also able to enjoy your easter break and we are sure you did. Now let’s have a look at our trading results. This week was profitable to us. Specifically in our COT strategy we had a gain of +$975 and in our champion strategy we had a gain of +$1,302. Let’s have a look at the trades one by one.

Let’s start with the first strategy the COT strategy. We started in week 14 with a portfolio consisting of two positions mainly in Mexican Peso as well as coffee. We had two short contracts in coffee and in Mexican Peso we had 16 long contracts on the large account and one long contract on the small account. In the end of the week we were left with our Mexican Peso contracts while we closed the coffee position during the week. Let’s start with the trade that we closed during the week which is coffee. As you can see we received a sell signal on the weekly chart. You can see that the sell signal appeared at the resistance level and that means that the COT data confirmed this resistance on the daily chart. We waited for the right timing and thus for our entry pattern. This entry pattern was available, we were triggered and we expected the trend to continue to the downside. As you can see we had a small correction that didn’t touch our stop and then we moved our stop closer. As you can see the trend didn’t continue to the downside and instead of that price turned around and we were stopped out with a gain of +$975.

Next market is mexican peso where we still have these open positions. On the weekly chart we received a buy signal. As a side note we are receiving buy and sell signals from COT data from seasonal trend, from sentiment, from the weekly trend, and so on. And then we are looking at the daily chart. Here we are looking for the right timing for our entry pattern to appear. We have been triggered according to our plan and at the moment we are long 16 contracts. We are protecting our accounting profit and we are waiting for our target price to be reached. As you can see we also traded this market on our small account. As a reminder we’re trading a small account because we are supporting the traders in our trading group that trade a small account by showing how we would trade a small account. Because it’s a small account we can usually only trade one contract as you also can see here in Mexican Peso. 

Now let’s have a look at our second strategy the champion strategy we started into the week with two open positions which were one contract long each in palladium and soybean oil and we close these positions and we are now left at the end of the week with one open position that we opened during the week being Japanese Yen 2 short contracts. If you’re interested to know the results from our champion strategy in detail you can also look at our website. In this area you can see the overall result of the strategy and here you can see the results from our last five trades that are always updated with the champion strategy we were able to make a gain of +$1,302 in this week. We started this account last year with starting capital amounting to $50,000 and we were able to reach a new all-time high with a total account value of $110,000 dollars. 

In the end let’s have a look at CRB index as usual. CRB index is the index for the commodity prices and this index bounced back from a resistance level and at the moment prices are consolidating. We must observe what kind of development prices will go. There are many scenarios that are possible either the trend could move downwards or we could see a trend continuation to the upside. As mentioned for now the prices are consolidating. Let’s have a look at the winners and losers from last trading week. As you can see we have more winners than losers but on the winner’s side we also have bonds and indices. We can see that commodities are pretty evenly distributed which is in line with what CRB index showed us earlier. 

That’s it from our site this week. Thank you for your attention and a little announcement: We are developing new things. In the last two weeks many things have been accomplished. We’ve finished for example the migration to the “.com” domain. Now you will find InsiderWeek not on “.de” anymore but only on “.com”. You can switch between German and English using this button here. So if you want to follow InsiderWeek either in German or in English you can easily switch and easily do that as you like. Furthermore the migration also helped the site to be faster from now on regarding display of data and tools that we are offering. In addition to that we are renovating the display of the COT data in order to improve it visually. We want to improve the tables as well as the charts in order to enhance the readability and the design. As you can see we are working on the website continuously also in the member area to improve the usability. We’re also working on new projects that will be facilitating the life of futures traders using COT data. So as last year and as years before you can be excited for new material to come. So thank you very much for your attention and we wish you all successful preparation for next trading week and as always be aware of the risk because risk management is the key to success in trading.


HERE you can find a summary of all individual trades and a comparison of the results of both strategies:





Have a successful trading week! See you all at the next trading plan!


Max Schulz and
the InsiderWeek team