Our Futures Trading Results. Week 13 2022


  • Our week in the markets using COT Strategy: +$0
  • Our week in the markets using Champion COT Strategy: -$11,425
  • Our week in the markets using Weather Analysis: +$0



-$11,425. That’s the trading result from our commodity and futures trading according to COT data in week number 13. Welcome to InsiderWeek. In this video I’m going to show to you our trades of this week and the corresponding results.

Let’s begin with our first COT strategy. It’s the basis of all our strategies. Its fundament is the COT report. The so-called commercials have the obligation to release all their positions and from these positions we plan our trades. And in the first COT strategy in this week we started with an empty portfolio. At the end of this week we have one open position, namely 12 long contracts in Live Cattle. Here we are currently in the loss with about $7,500. In Live Cattle as you can see we received a buy signal in the weekly trend direction to the upside. However as you can see on the bottom of the chart the seasonal trend was not confirming the buy signal. Above the seasonal trend you can see the sentiment index and that was indeed confirming our signal. On the daily chart you can see that we were triggered and we used our entry pattern for that. According to the COT signal also the daily trend is up. Nevertheless in the past days you could see that the price moved in impulse wave, correction, impulse wave, correction … and because of that we decided to place our stop loss at a level that is far enough away for the price to not trigger it immediately. We are in the market with 12 long contracts and by next week we expect the price to increase into our direction. 

Our second trading account is based on the so called champion strategy. It also uses COT data but it is the strategy that we used in the past years to participate in the world trading championship. As the name indicates it’s truly a powerful strategy as we are frequently among the top five traders in the world with the strategy for the past years. We started into the week with a position in Live Cattle, namely eight long contracts. Here we were in the loss by -$400 at the beginning of the week. In total we made a loss of -$11,425 in this week. In the first trade in Live Cattle we were stopped out. You can see that we traded this market before – one time successful and the other time not very successful. This time was not successful and now we can clearly see that this market is very volatile and much more of a speculative trading opportunity. After being stopped out for the second time in a row we can see that the market doesn’t show a clear direction. This can be seen even clearer in the second meat market that we’ve traded this week, namely Feeder Cattle. Here you can clearly see the range market that the meat sector is currently exposed to. For both these meat markets we stay on the sideline and we wait until a clear trend unfolds that we can use to make profits. 

Our third futures trading strategy is based on extreme weather analysis. We currently hold one open position in Lean Hogs. We are currently in the loss by around -$1,000. Let’s have a look at the trade. On the daily chart you can see that our long trade is in the daily trend direction. The price is currently around our stop-loss level which means that in the next week we could get stopped out. That’s quite probable however if that happens we want to try to re-enter the market because the setup is very good, however the timing was not so good.

At the end as always let’s have a look at the CRB index. The CRB index is the index for the commodity prices. You can see that in the last week the commodity price index didn’t make a new high. Instead it was a quite weak week. The bullish tendency is still active however on the other hand it could well be that the commodity prices are going into a correction. In the next week we will see how the commodity prices will behave.

HERE you can find a summary of all individual trades and a comparison of the results of both strategies:





We wish to you a good and successful trading week.

Max Schulz and
the InsiderWeek team