Broaden your knowledge of futures trading

In this basic training course you will learn all about futures and the COT report. You'll get an insight into our strategy with which we've been successfully trading the futures markets for 8 years.

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Learn the fundamentals of futures trading in one place

You want to know what futures are and you don't want to look it all up on the Internet. Alex Caspareit has put together a compact and easy to understand video course for InsiderWeek.

Get to know our strategy

You keep asking yourself which strategies are really successful. In this video course Alex will introduce you to our strategy, using which we have been successfully trading the futures markets for 8 years. You will want to learn it.

Find out if trading is right for you

You're still not sure if you want to become a trader. This video course will do just that. You'll find out if trading is right for you.

Get the right information

All types of information can be found on the Internet, as well as dubious sources. Thanks to us and our 8 years of experience in trading you’ll get the right information. You can be sure you're learning the right things.

What the basic trading course offers you

Here is how the course is structured


Getting Started in the World of Trading

  • 1.1 Pros and Cons of Trading - Is Trading Right for You?
  • 1.2 Becoming a trader: What are the important requirements you need to meet?
  • 1.3 Becoming a trader: Trading costs
  • 1.4 Learning how to trade: How should I find the right broker?
  • 1.5 Learning how to trade: Which financial product is better?
  • 1.6 Which trading style is the right one for you?
  • 1.7 Your trading objectives: Find Your Purpose
  • 1.8 What types of orders do you need to know? Part 01: Market order
  • 1.9 What types of orders do you need to know? Part 02: Stop Order
  • 2.0 What types of orders do you need to know? Part 03: Limit Order
  • 2.1 What types of orders do you need to know? Part 04: Trailing stops and other special cases
  • 2.2 Motivation: Living and trading in Thailand
  • 2.3 Bonus Video: Trading derivatives


Introduction to Futures

  • 1.1 What are Futures?
  • 1.2 Making Profits at Each Stage of the Market
  • 1.3 Futures rolling
  • 1.4 Futures curves, contango and backwardation
  • 1.5 The most important futures exchanges and underlying assets
  • 1.6 How to choose the right futures contract
  • 1.7 Micro and Mini Futures - how to trade in small accounts
  • 1.8 Futures physical delivery! What you should know?
  • 1.9 Margin call on futures How dangerous are GAPS?


Introduction to the COT Report

  • 1.1 What is this report and how did it come about?
  • 1.2 The Best Information for Successful Traders
  • 1.3 Major Market Participants
  • 1.4 COT index and graphical representation


Technical analysis and market technique

  • 1.1 Basic principle of market technique: Trend
  • 1.2 Basic principle of market technique: Stops, timeframes
  • 1.3 Correlations in Trading - how markets relate to each other and how we use this knowledge


Risk and Money Management

  • 1.1 How important are Risk and Money Management?
  • 1.2 Risk and Money Management
  • 1.3 The psychology of trading: Fear and emotions in trading

The first three videos of the basic training of trading

What are the best financial products for traders

Making money at every market stage

How to spot a trend