Strategy that has worked successfully for 59 years.

The InsiderWeek Trader tariff gives you access to all trades of the successful and robust COT1 strategy.


What you get

InsiderWeek trader

Follow the COT strategy, which has worked successfully for over 59 years.

The InsiderWeek Trader subscription gives you access to all trades of the COT-1 strategy and the StartUp account.

  • Futures Trading Course
  • Commodities Trading Reports
  • Telegram InsiderWeek Channel
  • Live FAQ Webinar
  • COT-Signals
  • Watchlist (StartUp account)
  • Daily trading comments (StartUp account)
  • Telegram group Pro Trader
  • COT-Signals (COT-1 Strategy)
  • Weekly trading plans (COT-1 Strategy)
  • Daily trading comments (COT-1 Strategy)
  • Telegram Group InsiderWeek Trader
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That's special

The InsiderWeek Trader subscription is based on our COT-1 strategy. However, with the purchase of this subscription you also get access to the Pro Trader subscription. This means you can also benefit from trading on the StartUp account.

Get a weekly selection of the most promising futures markets based on our COT-1 strategy.

Receive daily trading comments in the private Telegram channel or in the member area on the situation on the markets, open and planned trades.

Participate in all further developments of the COT1 strategy.

Exchange ideas with professional traders on the private Telegram channel. Become part of the InsiderWeek Trader Community.

Save time with the weekly trading plans

Every week we analyse the markets using our COT-1 strategy and select the most promising ones. We provide the results of our analyses to our subscribers. This saves you a lot of time and increases the quality of your trading decisions.

Stay tuned and don't miss any trades

Our InsiderWeek team analyses the markets daily and reacts quickly to opportunities. We share all important information about our trades with you in our private Telegram channel or in the members area.

Be part of a community of professional traders

With the InsiderWeek Trader subscription you get access to two private Telegram channels where you can share your experiences with other traders.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have an InsiderWeek Trader subscription. How to join to InsiderWeek Trader and Pro Trader Telegram channels?

You need to write to our Telegram bot for subscriptions. The bot will check your membership and provide two links to both groups. If you have any trouble - don't worry, we have prepared a detailed guide for you.

Who is the Insider Week Trader subscription for?

The subscription is intended for traders who are deeply interested in the COT-1 strategy. Our COT-1 coaching strategy includes access to this subscription. It can also be purchased separately.

In what format is the information communicated?

The weekly trading plans are communicated in text format or video format. The plans are published in the password-protected member area and can be viewed there. We publish the same info in Telegram channel InsiderWeek Trader as well.

We prepare other information in graphs, tables and videos.

The subscription includes access to the Telegram channel InsiderWeek Trader. What is this channel?

We publish trading plans for the StartUp-account in the InsiderWeek Trader private Telegram channel. This information is duplicated in the MyIW membership zone. Also in this channel we publish various articles and useful information related to the COT-1 Strategy.

I bought a subscription through Telegram. How do I access the MyIW membership area?

We send the password and required links via email at the time of membership payment. If you can't find the password, just email us at

I have an InsiderWeek Trader subscription and I have joined the InsiderWeek Trader channel. How can I join the Pro Trader channel now, which is included in my subscription?

Send a message to our Telegram bot and you will get the links to both InsiderWeek Trader and Pro Trader.

What will be published and when?

As you know it from your coaching, the weekly trading plans and trading results are published around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Does my membership renew automatically? When do I have to cancel?

It is not necessary to cancel membership because it is not automatically renewed. You will receive an e-mail from us in good time before the end of the period in question, in which we will draw your attention to the forthcoming end of membership.

You can then extend it or switch to a different plan simply by replying to this email. We think that's the fairest solution.

What happens if I don't like the offer?

We have the fairest offer on the market, which we also prove with our 60-day money-back guarantee. If you notice that the chemistry is not right after all, we will refund your full membership fee. Please note that this guarantee is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, you can try our service risk-free for 60 days.

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It is important to understand that performance of the previous periods is not a guarantee for performance of the future periods. However, we trade using our own money. We also use this money to cover our living expenses, which means that we have as much interest as possible in ensuring that our approach continues to deliver good returns.