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In the Gold subscription you can expect everything from the Silver subscription plus additional watchlists, trading plans and open positions.

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How it works


View COT chart and watch list


Keep monitoring the trades


Dive into seasonal trades


Stay up to date via Telegram-channel

It's special

Subscription is only available to those who have completed one of our coaching sessions or the Weather Trading course.

You still remain part of our community.

You will receive the trading list, trading plans and open positions of at least two coaching sessions or one coaching session and one course.

Continue following our trading activities

You are unsure of yourself or are struggling after a coaching session. With a Gold Subscription you can follow our trading activity and become more confident in your own trading decisions.

Keep sharing information with the community of traders

Your community only marginally shares your passion for trading. With the Gold Subscription you're still part of the Discsord Group. It strengthens and supports you.

What you get from us


Everything we have done so far is compiled in our archive: webinars, articles and more.


You have access to a whole series of checklists to help you get started in trading.

Open positions

You will see the open positions for all our accounts, updated daily.

COT map

Buy and sell signals are evaluated in the COT map. It offers you an overview of all futures that we trade.


You can analyse the seasonality of commodities for different years and time periods.

Seasonal trades

You get an evaluation of the seasonal trades.

Max. 3x trading plans

You get the trading plans for COT-1 as well as for COT-2 and/or weather trading.

Max. 3x watch lists

You get the watch list for COT-1 as well as for COT-2 and/or weather trading.

Quantum Tool & Correlation

You recognize correlations. In addition, you can pick out the best trading day and best trading time.

Weather service

You will get a collection of links like Weather Forecast and Weather Outlook Maps about weather trading.

Discord Channel

You are still a member of the Discord Channel.

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It is important to understand that performance of the previous periods is not a guarantee for performance of the future periods. However, we trade using our own money. We also use this money to cover our living expenses, which means that we have as much interest as possible in ensuring that our approach continues to deliver good returns.