updated version of 2021

Max Schulz

Profitable Futures Trading

✅ 8 years of experience in professional commodities and futures trading

✅ More than $600,000 in profits have been made so far

✅ 3x success at


World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®


eBook 2020


What awaits you in the book?

On about 80 pages you will learn …

Fundamentals of the market — Our COT strategy — Our way on the market — Our offer


What are futures? What is hidden behind the terms “futures” and “forward contracts”?

How to trade futures? Find out everything about our strategy based on COT data.

What results we achieve with it? Get to know our way on the market.

The content:

  • What are Futures?
  • What is traded on the futures markets?
  • How we got into the market
  • Our trading approach
  • The CFTC and the COT report
  • The COT signal
  • Entry timing
  • Risk management
  • Beware of correlations
  • Our trading results
  • Path to becoming a profitable trader


Beispielseite eBook

Beispielseite eBook

Beispielseite eBook

Our eBook -09.09.2021-


The author: Max Schulz

✔ 40 years young

✔ Married, father of 2 children

✔ Degree in business administration with a focus on finance

✔ 5 Years of professional experience in the agricultural company

✔ 8 years of professional commodities trader at the CME in Chicago

✔ Third place at the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® 2017

✔ Third place at the Global Cup Derivatives Trading Championship® 2019/2020

✔ Fifth place at the Global Cup Derivatives Trading Championship® 2021/2021

✔ Man of the month January 2020, chosen by Finanzpraxis.com


Unser Buch erw. 2.Auflg. 2020

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