Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20

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Today is Sunday, April 05th. Summing up the results of the week we would like to start with an answer to a frequently asked question.

Subscribers often ask if it is possible to use our COT-map to trade according to their own strategy.
Yes, sure. Our COT-map can be used as the basis for a trading strategy. This map is the result of the deep fundamental analysis. Every week we analyze historical data to find the setup. Also we use the seasonality factor, analyze cycles and take into account market sentiment to search for the potential trading instruments. Thus, traders can use our COT-map as a basis for their own trading strategy and their own entry points. Hot markets have already been found.

Now let’s analyze the last trading week.

Firstly, this is our map of COT-Setups for week 14th.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-

SOYBEAN MEAL (closed position), loss $4,280.

This week we had a loss from the Soybean meal trade. We lost $4,280. However, in general, on this setup, we earned $8,230, since last week was profitable (link).
This week’s trade was a correction deal. Correctional deals we open with a lower percentage of risk. Including for this reason we have profit this week.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-

Next week, Soybean Meal is interesting again. We have a valid setup for sell. On the weekly chart, the soybean meal is on a flat movement. Analyse of last COT report show that COT Index shows to sell. Slow sentiment also indicates a short position here.

We see that here the seasonal factor is upward, but most likely the price will go against the seasonal factor. If there wasn’t a strong impulse up, then most likely this is so. In the coming days, reports of the agricultural sector is coming out and most likely it will be bearish.

We also see that the indicator of supply and demand tends to zero. This confirms our idea of ​​a short position here.

On Monday, we have a trend catcher pattern for entering a short position on soybean meal. We plan to sell on Monday. We think that there will be a good impulsive movement in the opposite direction.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-


The week ends with an inside bar. We interpret this as a situation of uncertainty. But look what range is open down for the bear market.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W14-20 -05.04.2020-

To sum up the trading week:
Soybean Meal loss $4,280
Total loss $4,280.

That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 15.

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