Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20

Hello Traders,

Today is Sunday and we traditionally summarize the last trading week and prepare our plan for the next trading week.
We have had one open position and due to the high volatility last week there were no new trades. Current unrealized profit is $11,430.

We are consolidating our last week success when we exceeded the important level of $500,000 in our trading account (link).

We also invite you to watch our webinar of drawdown and the steps that we take when the account is in drawdown (available in German).

So this week we have been working with an open position in Soybean Meal.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-

SOYBEAN MEAL (open position), 9 long contracts

This long trade was opened on the basis of the setup, which was formed on the 8th week. The position was opened on 03/04/2020.

Then last week, after analyzing the COT report, a short setup was formed here, i.e. in the opposite direction from the open position.

We didn’t immediately close the position. According to our strategy, to enter a position we need to make sure that the short-term trend is directed towards an opening trade. In this case, the trend hasn’t changed and the price after a long flat movement still went in the direction of our first setup.

Now the stop loss for the open position is below low 03/17/20.

There is a seasonal factor until the end of May. But because we have the actual shirt setup, we should to be as careful as possible. There may be a similar situation to the last movement of sugar and cocoa – a short-term upward movement and a sharp drop down.

The first filter that we will use to monitor a potential decline is an indicator of supply and demand. As soon as it goes down, we will move the stop loss closer to the market price or take profit.

So, Soybean Meal position is kept. Target price is 344.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-


The index shows new lows. We expect a further decline in the index. In the next trading week, we will prefer short trades.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-

At the end, this is our map of COT-Setups for week 12th.

Futures Trading based on COT Report W12-20 -22.03.2020-

To sum up the trading week:
no closed positions

That’s all about our trading in this week.
Next, we are moving to planning trading week 12.

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