The INSIDER WEEK intensive coaching: Your way to successful real money trading!

Do you want to become an absolute professional in real money trading? Good plan! The Insider Week Intensive Coaching Program will help to implement your plans. 12-months intensive and personal coaching is available for you. Learn the steps in order to become a profitable futures trader. Both theoretical and practical units are divided into three sections, revealing all the details of our strategy. Together we will start your promising career in futures trading.


Benefits of intensive coaching

Membership of Insider Week Intensive Coaching is a profitable investment in your future as a trader that will pay you off.

Your advantages at a glance:

✅ As part of the coaching, we are we will be with you for twelve months.

✅ You get the tools for a successful start.

✅ Thanks to regular webinars, you can stay updated and receive our support at any time.

✅ Theoretical as well as practical units make you professional in real money trading.

✅ You trade on the markets, with your own account – we will guide you.

✅ Don’t take any risks thanks to our coaching program with a money-back guarantee.


Who is your coach?

Max Schulz is a graduate in business administration, specialised in finance. As part of his work for a German agricultural company, he was working hard on commodities markets since 2013. In 2014, Max started trading futures markets.

In 2017, Max took part in the World Cup Championship of Future Trading and got the third place with 111% p.a. He repeated his success in the 2019/20 competition with a result of 156% p.a. and again, got the third place. Max publishes information his trading strategies and success on in Real Money Trading section.

Also InsiderWeek is a team which constantly develops the project InsiderWeek, trading strategies, different tools for success trading and training technologies for you efficiency during coaching. More about the InsiderWeek team.

Max Schulz

Max Schulz


Your coaching schedule for real money trading

Max Schulz

Coaching Schedule

In twelve-month coaching you will go through three sections: In the theory part you will learn all the details of our strategy. With our strategy as a base, the demo trading phase begins to prepare you for real money trading.

Then we move on to the third, practical section, real money trading. There you trade independently in the markets, on your personal account, and of course, we are there at any time to help and accompany you with regular webinars.


The participants will be selected after a personal interview.

Are you interested in our practical, seminar or coaching offer or do you have a question about your personal development in trading?

Our goal here is to support you and do the best we can to help you with becoming a successful and profitable futures trader. We would therefore like to discuss our offers with you in advance to find out how we can support you.

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