We packed the basic course with our eight years of trading experience and all the required knowledge to start trading commodities and futures.
5 fundamental training videos for easy learning
Articles and Tools to determine price trends
Max Schulz, course author
Experience as a trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for over 8 years;
Trained more than 300 traders who achieved profitability at 30% per annum;
Manages a personal portfolio of over $1 million.
Access to the platform with analytics and COT reports
Weekly webinars tom answer questions and up-to-date information on futures contracts
We have our experience packaged inside 5 modules
Trading world
Futures contracts, and how to earn from 30% per annum?
Decision-making based on fundamental analysis. Commitments of Traders (COT) weekly report
Technical analysis and market technologies
Psychology in trading: Risk and capital management
After completing the basic course, you would have learnt how to set a goal and choose an investment strategy and suitable tools. You will also learn how to make decisions based on logic and fundamental analysis.
You will learn to identify risks for your strategy and form a basic risk management strategy that will allow you to earn without emotional stress and not make mistakes.
Module result:
You will learn about future contracts, where they are concluded, how to choose the right contract, and how to make money in fluctuating markets.
Module result:
You will understand the types of investments and determine the strategy and tools to use
Module result:
Using the COT Index chart, you will learn what a COT report is and how to determine the trend based on fundamental data and reports of large companies.
Module result:
You will understand how to use fundamental analysis to find the best entry point and conclude a profitable futures contract.
Module result:
What happens to you before and after the basic course
After completing the basic course
Before the basic course
We have chosen tools that allow you to spend 15 minutes a day trading in commodity futures
We have determined the initial budget for the first transactions
We have determined the risk management strategy
We have chosen a strategy and tools for trading
Mini futures trading
Medium term swing trading
Fall no more than 10% of capital
Other questions
How long does it take?
What's the minimum amount can I start trading commodity futures with?
What are the risks?
What is the best tool for trading?
Trading in commodities and futures is based on logic and analysis of fundamental data
The commodity futures trading is built on the analysis of such events.
How can the news about abnormally hot weather in Florida bring profit for you?
Case "How you can get $21,530 by watching the weather forecast?"
Chart of growth in the cost of natural gas in January-February 2022
Weather chart showing heatwaves in the United States
Hot weather
People buy air conditioners
Air conditioners run on electricity
Electricity is generated from natural gas
There will be a high demand for gas and the price will rise
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