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Dear colleagues, my project is actively developing, especially the English version, so I am opening a number of positions for assistants who have good command in English and can help with marketing tasks. I am currently looking for reliable and outstanding Internet marketing professionals or talented text and speechwriters who know English and our Trading Strategy.

Here are the main tasks for now: 




  1. Write video scripts (text + slides) for Youtube with Max on the main theory topics such as:
    • COT Report Analysis (reading COT report)
    • COT Report Trading Strategy (how to trade futures using COT Report)
    • COT Report Gold/Silver/Bitcoin
    • Larry Williams’ COT Report Secrets Still work (Larry’s strategy was a turning point/ thanks to Larry)
    • Max welcome video for Youtube and website with his short bio.
    • COT Report Open Interest
    • Futures Trading Strategies (Why we trade Futures)
    • Swing Trading Strategies That Work
    • Seasonality In Commodities

You will carry out research and analyse several videos from the top of the search and prepare a text + presentation in the form of slides or videos. Based on your material, Max will create a new video in order to get to the top of the list!

  1. Write video scripts for Youtube with market forecasts and analytics for new participants (coaches or forecasters) of the Insider Week team. For example, we have done something similar on Alex’s recent video about gold. Ideas and points will be generated by the team, including those using our COT Signal and Quantum Module. We will also need a video about personal account and coaching.
  2. E-mail Marketing. Work with Mailchimp. We will need to introduce some ideas on how to create newsletter. You will need to work with the current customer base. You will need to redesign welcome letters, customise funnels (focusing on content), improve emails for people whose subscription is about to expire. Improve regular newsletter.
  3. Management of Facebook and Twitter. We want to see two or three posts a week (results, analytics, links to YouTube videos and the Insider Week website). You will need to participate in groups with people interested in Trading Futures in order to attract new clients!
  4. Write texts for the website and edit texts. We would like to see basic SEO skills or you should be ready to learn it independently from people who know it. (Improvement of pages like Trading Using COT Report and the pages of different instruments like GOLD, SILVER, Bitcoin and so on). This might overlap the first point (Youtube scripts).
  5. Google Analytics. Analysis of visitors’ behaviour analysis and other statistics. You should offer recommendations on how to improve the website in order to increase conversion of users.
  6. Proofread Max’s book translated into English by a professional translator. Check consistency of the terms that we usually use. Work on the book’s design. We need to finalize it a bit.
  7. And one more exciting task: analysis of to draw conclusions based on positive and negative feedback to understand what should or should not be done. Analysis of websites with positive reviews so you can offer suggestions on how to change our website to improve conversions.

Salary/bonuses: by agreement. Let’s talk about it.




You will have the opportunity to develop with me and my team. As a trader, you will receive first-hand information, deepen your knowledge of trading, get access to the ‚InsiderWeek‘ platform and the opportunity to use your best skills in the English-speaking segment of the market.


We have great prospects together. Be part of our success!




If you are interested in any of the listed tasks above, please email Alexander (in English language) saying what experience you have and how you can help us with the project.

We are looking for outstanding specialists to join our team for a long-term win-win cooperation!


Please bear in Mind:

Closing date for applications

July 30, 2021




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Application as Assistant for the ENGLISH-SPEAKING project

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